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Here's What Your Child Can Expect When Attending A Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp

by Samantha Hudson

Is your child getting ready to head to a Mandarin immersion summer camp? Here are a few things they can expect:

Interactive Classroom Lessons

The classroom is where it all starts when it comes to learning about the Chinese culture, traditions, and history. They can expect to spend some of their time every day in a classroom setting and participate in interactive lessons and activities.

Your child may act in short plays with other students, watch videos about Mandarin life and culture, complete art projects, and read books that are designed to heighten their understanding of what they will be learning during their stay at summer camp. Your child will also likely be encouraged to keep a daily journal while they are in the classroom so they can document their experiences to share with you and their classmates back at home.

Exploration Field Trips

Outside of the classroom, your child can expect to take multiple field trips to iconic locations, Mandarin temples, and town locales where they can immerse themselves in to the true experience of the culture. They'll communicate with locals who can share unique insight in to things like life, religion, work, school, and even popular social activities. Your child will have an opportunity to visit museums, explore parks, dine at local restaurants, and walk the streets of China all while practicing their language skills and enhancing their respect for cultures other than theirs.

Meal Planning and Service

All meals should be taken care of by the Mandarin immersion summer camp you will be sending your child to. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will be provided by pre-vetted restaurants, caterers, or other food service providers and your child will have access to a wide variety of both Western and Chinese cuisine options.

If your child has a food allergy or any special dietary restrictions, you can let the summer camp know ahead of time so they can plan and prepare accordingly and ensure that your kid doesn't every go hungry. You can always send some money along with your child so they can purchase their own snacks and foods throughout their stay.

Safety, Professionalism, and Fun

You can count on the Mandarin summer camp your child attends to make safety and professionalism a priority. Your child will be supervised at all times day or night, and medical care will be available 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the camp. Your child will be housed in a safe facility onsite or in a nearby hotel where supervisors are standing by to keep an eye on them.

Teachers and supervisors are always working on a professional level so your child can feel safe and confident in the fact that they can get help and support any time that they need it. And of course, fun is the name of the game at summer camp. So in addition to learning a lot, your child is sure to have a blast and make memories that they will never forget.